What is Black Mould?

There are millions of mould species currently existing, and most of them are black. The term black mould is in fact just a misconception about mould types.

When people talk about “Black Mould”, there are most likely referring to a type called Stachybotrys atra.

Is Black Mould Dangerous?

The effect of Black Mould on your health is the same as any other of the millions of types of mould out there, and there is not currently any scientific evidence that exposure to it is more dangerous than any other type.

Mould may not present any danger to your health if you are relatively healthy. However, some people may be more sensitive than others, such as people affected by breathing conditions like asthma or allergies.

Tiny mould spores are released in the air by mould present on surfaces. When inhaled in large quantity, mould can cause certain symptoms. Symptoms can include itchy eyes, coughing, wheezing and a blocked or running nose.

Is Black Mould Toxic?

Some mould can produce toxins that can lead to mould poisoning, but mould itself is not toxic. It is a common belief that black mould produces a toxin called mycotoxin; however, any mould can produce mycotoxin. Just because mould is present does not mean it is producing these toxins.

Research suggest that mycotoxins have a link to serious health effects, including mycotoxicosis and other symptoms such as:

  • Aches, headaches
  • Nosebleeds
  • Memory Loss
  • Changes in mood

However, there is no current proof that those symptoms are caused by mycotoxins themselves.

Black Mould Removal

Black mould can be extremely unsightly in your house and can give a very unpleasant murky smell. Additionally, when left to grow in large quantity, mould can damage your structure, belongings and furnishings.

As any other types of mould, cleaning up large spots of mould may not fix the problem that cause mould issues in your home in the first place, mould will keep growing without your knowledge until you have addressed the source.

Book an initial inspection to assess the levels of contamination and identify what could be causing the mould to grow in your property.


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