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When you see mould growing in various areas of your property it is recommend to get a professional company to do the mould removal process. If you see mould on certain spots, chances are it is growing from or will grow in other unsuspected places and you will need to have it removed by professionals and a complete mould treatment to prevent mould from appearing again.

Our technicians are trained to clean various biohazards and mould is one of them, they will make sure that mould will be eradicated from good, and that your home is perfectly clean and safe to live in.

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Mould is an organism that grows naturally anywhere and more likely in damp, moist environments. If not visible, sometimes mould can be detected by its murky smell. They reproduce by producing tiny particles called mould spores, transported through the air in properties, which can pose health risks to people with asthma, allergies or any other breathing conditions. People with weaker immune system are more at risk than others.

Mould Removal Sydney can assist you in mould removal from your home for good. After an initial inspection, we follow a rigorous and efficient process to ensure your home is left in a clean and safe condition.

The Mould Remediation Process Done By Professionals

Initial Mould Inspection

At the assessment stage, technicians will inspect affected areas in your property as well as other suspected areas with specialised equipment.

Report Issued with Photos and Remediation plan

We will send you a detailed inspection report with data outlining the findings of the analysis as well as photos of areas affected, readings on moisture levels, room by room analysis along with general recommendations on preventive measures and a quote for remediation.

Mould Treatment Action

Our mould treatment action covers areas such as walls, ceiling and timbers that show visible mould, as well as mould hidden behind equipment and furniture and mould present on clothes and items.

Fogging the property

After the main mould treatment process, if required, we proceed to fog the entire property, which is covering the property with a non-toxic solution to eliminate remaining spores

Preventive Measures

To complete the mould treatment, the fogging of your property will prevent mould from growing again by eliminating spores present in the air, and we will recommend you products that can improve the air quality of your home such as ventilation fans, air purifiers and dehumidifiers depending on your specific situation.

Why you Need Professional Technicians to Remediate and Clean Mould in Sydney

We use proven and effective anti-fungal antimicrobial treatments to eliminate effectively mould from properties, and prevent the mould to grow back again. In some cases, structural elements in a home need to be removed to mitigate damage and to prevent mould spreading further. These elements include drywall, carpeting or flooring.

As a Sydney-based Forensic and Decontamination Company, we are highly experienced in the professional and swift clean-up of properties (residential and commercial) affected by extensive mould growth. Our team of Bioremediation Technicians are IICRC-certified and have worked throughout Sydney in Australia to decontaminate places affected by biohazard, which include mould contamination.

Mould Removal Process

Although each case of mould cleaning has its own set of unique difficulties and issues,our team allows follow a methodical and proven process for mould remediation. Mould removal technicians will carefully inspect a property to assess the situation and extent of damage to most effectively use resources deployed for the remediation process, such as equipment, personnel and time frame. A professional mould removal technician will always ensure to treat mould of both visible surfaces and non-visible places where mould can grow.

When do you need professional mould remediation?

We always recommend to carry an inspection first by a professional company, because sometimes it could be just a minor issue. There are certain signs that require action

  • A persistent damp smell in the house
  • Flooding history in the house
  • You constantly have flu-like symptoms and respiratory problems in your home
  • Damp walls or ceiling
  • Just visible mould on walls, ceiling etc – Sometimes it can grow in places unseen

Our Reach – Best Mould Remover & Mould Removal Services in Regional New South Wales

Our mould cleaning service extends from Sydney to regional New South Wales, including suburbs such as Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Eastern Suburbs, Greater Western Sydney, The Hills Shire, Illawara, Southern Sydney, and any other Regional New South Wales area. Our staff will always work professionally while providing minimum disruption to our clients. We pride ourselves for our exceptional first-class mould cleaning service and we can respond with 24×7 emergency relief service.

Our Other Services

We also other states in Australia including Mould Removal in Melbourne and Victoria. For other biohazard-related decontamination, cleaning and restoration Sydney Forensic Cleaning is available to help.

To arrange your free no-obligation quotation, simply go through our Online Quotation Form and our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible. For various queries and questions, you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us by mail.

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Our Mould Services

Mould inpection Sydney service

Mould Inspections

Room by room full inspection or affected areas in your property to help determine causes and extent of mould issue

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Mould Removal Process

Mould Removal

A professional complete mould removal from your home done by experts in mould remediation.

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Mould Remediation

We adhere to strict IICRC guidelines to provide an efficient and long lasting solution against mould

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